Songbirds in the dark

I have taken to the practice of sitting on my back patio the past few nights. The acumulative effect has been quite breath taking if I’m honest. 

I had told myself, “you need to sit more. You need to read more. You need to be still more. ” and so on a warm evening, I took my book outside and spent a couple hours reading. And I was struck by the beauty and the simplicity of the calm that ensued. 

The next evening I didn’t get home until after dark and I decided to go out anyway, knowing I couldn’t read, I committed to simply sitting still and staring at the sky. It was profound. The stillness. And the chorus of song birds still filling the air with their music. I was awestruck. 

There were Mosquitos. I’m not gonna paint an all amazing picture when there was an ever present reality. But rather than allowing them to banish me to the inside, I lit a few outdoor candles, surrounded myself and sat there longer. And my body eventually relaxed, shoulders down, muscles without tension, mind drifting with ease sort of relaxed. And there was Beauty to be had. 

The third night I was tired and had no desire to do anything but go to sleep. But the warmth, the calm, the stillness, beckoned me outside. So I came to my chair, my candles, the fountain noise in the background, the songbirds chirping, the quiet peace. And I sat. 

By the fourth and fifth night I had anticipated having it all sort of blend together and that some of the magic would have began to flicker or fade. But it did not. It only continued to lure me into that place of solitude and perspective. So I have continued to come outside. To pause. To breathe in the evening sun or darkness. To accept what is. To let go of my day. To prepare for a new. To be still and listen. 

I can’t help but write about it now. To share this little corner of heaven. To encourage each of you to find your own little corner. Perhaps even create it if it does not exist. And to go there often. Perhaps daily. To be quiet. Still. Contemplative. Even filled with wonder. And to rest. 

May you each seek quiet moments today and each day. To cleanse. To refuel. And to rejuvenate. To face a whole new day tomorrow.